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Birthdate:Nov 25
Location:United States of America
I am friendly. Come say hello.

UPDATE: I don't update my dreamwidth anymore.

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80's cartoons, 80's toys, 90's fashion, 90's music, abandoned places, adventure time, agnosticism, alternative, analog cameras, analog photography, anatomy art, anatomy models, antique dishes, antiques, architecture, arrested development, atheism, authenticity, bad art, bad decisions, bad poetry, baking, bats, beach boys, beer, bernie sanders, bob's burgers, bobbin lace making, books, british comedies, cake decorating, cheap make up, chillwave, classic mystery science theater 3000, classic simpsons, classical music, cooking, crayons, crochet, cross stitch, cryptozoology, cult movies, cult television shows, david lynch, day trips, deftones, descendents, diy, documentaries, drawing, dream pop, dreams, edouard leve, embroidery, expensive food, extroverts, feelings, folklore, foreign film, foreign movies, forests, french movies, french surrealists, gardening, george romero, green party, grunge, hard liquor, hardcore, harold and maude, iceland, infp, interior decorating, interpol, intuition, jellyfish, joshua oppenheimer, knitting, leos carax, lo-fi, macrame, memories, mistakes, morrissey, movies, music, mystery science theater 3000, nature, nu-gaze, old globes, old horror movies, painting, patrice leconte, pee wee herman, polaroid cameras, pop-punk, post-hardcore, post-punk, post-rock, post-rock revival, psychiatry, punk, ralph nader, randomness, reading, regrets, reincarnation, roald dahl, rose melberg, screen printing, sewing, shoegaze, shrinky-dinks, soap making, socialism, speaking in movie quotes, spray paint, star gazing, surrealism, synchronicity, taika waititi, tarot cards, the adventures of pete and pete, the maxx, the night sky, the sandman, the sound of insects, the tick, the x-files, turtles can fly, twin peaks, ukulele, vintage cameras, vintage medical devices, vintage textbooks, vintage video games, voodoo, vultures, weird looking cacti and succulents, werner herzog, wes anderson
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