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There's fires burning outside of the area. The smoke and ash are winding up here making it hazy and smelling like a barbecue - time to whip out Apocalypse Now remark. Seriously, I'm grateful to not having any pre-existing breathing issues or living near the fires. The heat's let up some (smoke and ash overcast helps cut the sun's power some)and my brain feels up to composing an entry.

1) Binge watched all available episodes of Blood Drive. Fat Elvis and Clown Dick, we hardly knew you. Rib Bone, cause you got a cute little doggie that needs caring for, I'm not counting you out yet. Aki and Julian, will you marry me?

2) Prime Day was a bust for me. The dream router I wanted never happened. I consoled myself with a 10lb bag of diatomaceous earth and a discounted for the day Criterion Collection dvd of Grey Gardens.

3) Wynonna Earp second season keeps getting better and better!

4) Read The Missing Ones: An absolutely gripping thriller with a jaw-dropping twist steaming pile of crap (How the hell did you ever make Detective Lottie you will never be Olivia Benson Parker Book 1, DEAR GODS, NO, NOT A SERIES). Why does it have so many frickin stars on Amazon and Goodreads???!!! To give you the tip of the shit-berg: Our so-called detective goes off by herself on foot (she frequently walks around alone during the investigation, and it's winter with a ton of snow and ice on the ground) from a crime scene. She gets mugged and nearly strangled, but goes home and waits to report it the next day???!!! Also victim blames one of the deceased right after mugger gets scared off. This is all within the span of a chapter and a half. Lucky book, you are on my kindle, so I can't throw you against the wall.

5) With American Gods done, canceled Starz monthly subscription and got one to Shudder.

6) Got Princess Jellyfish 5 yesterday.

7) Congratulations, 13th Doctor. Who writers, DON'T screw this up.

8) RIP George Romero and Martin Landau :(

9) Third season of Rick and Morty on July 30th.

10) Wubba Lubba Dub-Dub!


Jul. 12th, 2017 10:31 am
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cause everyone love outfits and toilets

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Jul. 9th, 2017 08:53 pm
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Happy (belated) B-day, [personal profile] peterb!!!

New trash can

Jul. 9th, 2017 09:36 pm
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I'm super excited that the city gave me (us all) a new trash can. We could choose S, M or L. I'm sure for some people, an L isn't even big enough (some people throw away sooooo much stuff). I don't throw much away, and plus it's just me, Sophie the cat, and several robot vacuums here. I'd probably have been fine with an S. The M is pretty big!

This is the next step on our billion-year journey toward recycling (began only because our landfill is not only finally full but also leeching into the ground... because it was originally lined with clay and never meant to last more than 50 years, and this was probably 75+ years ago... good planning, guys).

So now our can is just part of the trash service we pay for. I think having to use a can will get people to throw less away.

The cans are designed so that one person driving a truck can do all the work, without getting out of the truck. I wonder what will happen to the other people. It used to be someone driving the truck and 2-3 more people hanging off the back/sides. Maybe they work elsewhere for the city now. Or maybe they are on unemployment.

The can is made in the USA. I don't know how/why that happened, but I was happy to see it. It's a nice can, too. BUT IS IT BEAR-PROOF?

I am perplexed where it warns users not to put it near roads/driveways. It has to be near a road/driveway in order to be used. In fact, it has to be as near the road as possible so the garbage truck's arm or whatever can pick it up. They're not going to drive into your garage and get it for you.

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Jul. 9th, 2017 09:34 pm
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So it looks like there won't be a third season of Ajin. I can't say I'm all that surprised, considering how different the anime and manga are. Plus, the manga is still ongoing. I'm still disappointed though. It always seems like the anime I like get canceled and the anime I couldn't care less about get renewed. :(


Jul. 9th, 2017 06:02 pm
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I just finished watching the show and I really enjoyed it. From what I've read, the show follows the plot of Dracula's Curse, but since I haven't played the games I don't know how much of the story is canon. Still, I liked the characters and the plot was interesting. There's a lot more going on than the typical good vs evil.

The only downside for me was that the first season is only four episodes long. Wtf Netflix! Really? I realize they were probably worried about how well the show would do, but it's still frustrating.

Have any of you watched it yet? If so, what did you think?

It's alive!

Jul. 8th, 2017 12:01 am
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Hey guys, sorry I haven't been around. I hope you're all doing well. To all my friends in the US, I hope you had a great 4th of July. Mine was pretty good. I just hung out by the pool and drank beer. :)

Anyway, that's all for now. I'm gonna check my friends page and then get some much needed sleep. Talk to you all later.

Found Myself Under A Rock

Jul. 7th, 2017 12:49 am
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I suppose I put myself there, didn't I?

I've been quiet a couple weeks or more now, huh?  I couldn't tell you where I went. Well, my oldest was here a full week, while the rest of the family was on vacation. Then they got home and I spent a week close to them, THEN we started this week with a holiday. 

(I turned 42 last week, too ... my Douglas Adams year!)

But yeah, so ... I made that compilation of old stuff, I got my new Italo-disco-influenced cut on a compilation (which may even be released on VINYL!) and I may have found a new job. Hopefully, I can say goodbye to unemployment soon. I guess that also means saying goodbye to damn near all of my spare time, but I've got to have a job. People don't pay much for music.

Some outfits

Jul. 6th, 2017 12:34 pm
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