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Apr. 23rd, 2030 10:05 am
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First, I'd like to thank all of the folks that have invited me into their little corner of the world. I look forward to getting to know all of you and catching myself up (Yeah, I'm really going to read as many back entries as possible) As you know my name is Heather, I'm a 37 year old INFP, if those letters don't make sense, it basically means you're dealing with a squishy, laid back, awkward, hermit type person. I lead a pretty uneventful and quiet life. This isn't a complaint, I'm quite happy to have my boring, simple, little life because the first 20 years of my life weren't so happy, so simple, or so quiet. I have responsibilities (Not many, cause, ick) some bills, and obligations, though I usually try to avoid them cause, ick.  If there is something you would like to know that I haven't covered in this feel free to ask. Sometimes, it's hard to know exactly what to include in an introductory post, and what information people will find of interest or importance.

I live in a small town in Pennsylvania that is exactly a half hour from PennState, an hour away from Harrisburg, and over 2 hours away from one of my favorite cities, Philadelphia.  If you've never been to Mutters medical museum, you should go! It's a bit smaller than what you'd think, but they have a gigantic colon there, so I think it's worth the car ride! I moved to Lewistown (The armpit I was referring to) over ten years ago from York (I was about 14 ish. Maybe a bit more ish than 14) and I still have no idea where anything is at. I never took the time to memorize locations because I never thought I was going to be here all that long. So when someone says, do you know the 5 points or industrial park is, I just nod my head, even though I have no idea what they're on about. I thought I'd be passing through because we never stayed in one place very long, my mother used to say that my father had gypsy blood in him. I think I might've inherited a bit of the restlessness myself, but as much as I like to wander, I like to know that I have a home, though where that home is, I'm not entirely sure. I've lived here the longest, but it doesn't feel as welcoming as I think home should feel all the time.

When I was younger, I used to think a lot about living in the city. As I've gotten older though, I couldn't imagine myself being happy in a place with so much activity. Part of me likes the anonymity and that no one knows my story, but the other part could not handle the noise or energy. I do like the quite surrounding of where I live now, but I hate having to duck down isles, or pretend that I didn't see someone to avoid conversation. This isn't to say I don't like people, or conversations, I absolutely do, but all I am ever given is commentary on the weather, complaints about the price of things, and gossip about people I don't care to keep up with. I get small talk, I understand it, but I'm not a fan. It makes me anxious because I'm not quite sure how to keep it going!

Let's see what else....

I can be a bit shy, even on the internet! I try to imagine the people on the other side of the screen sitting on the toilet with their pants around their ankle, or wearing cowboy hats while they're reading or typing a response, but it doesn't help all that much. Maybe that's more than what you needed to know, or what you should know, but it's out there now and we all have to live with it. (See what I mean about what to share and what to leave out!) There was a time that I was so shy, I used to hand items over that I wanted and had other people pay for them because I was so worried the cashier would talk to me, and I wouldn't know what to say back. I laugh about it now (You can too, it's totally cool) but that used to be such a huge thing for me.

As I've said, I don't have particulars, or preferences really when it comes to friending people. I've met many people who I've shared many interest with, but found it difficult to relate to or click with. Then there have been others where we hated each others taste in movies and music, but our conversations flowed freely and unforced, like good conversations should! We just played well together. Yeah it's nice to nerd out with someone about movies, books or music (I'm into all 3) but it's not really a sturdy foundation to build a friendship on. I take that word friendship seriously, and when I do call someone friend, I do so for life. The end of a friendship is very much like the end of a love affair, because that's what friendships are in a way.

All I expect is that people be authentic, so there is no need to filter me out. I don't want perfection, I want real. The more mistakes, the better! I want to know real people who say what they feel and feel what they say.  Let's see what else...Oh, I give everyone the freedom to be boring (Hey, we are all occasionally. We just bore the balls or ovaries off someone, sometimes. It happens!) and to say something stupid, or silly. I think it's important to give people that. I also accept the dark clouds in people's lives. I don't shy away from it. I know a lot of people do, but I am one that does not. As I've said, I've had pretty rough go of things, so if you think that people don't understand, I just might. And even if I don't, I will try to because it's important to. That's it. I have no other requirements, expectations, or rules.

As for what you can expect from me, it's certainly isn't posts. I'm not saying I won't post, I will. But, I'm much more interested in reading about you than I am writing about myself. I can be quite chatty in the comments section of peoples journal, hopefully that's not a problem, and occasionally, I like to private message people. I mention it because some people may not like that, but sometimes I feel what I say isn't for everyone's eyes. My posts usually range from random thoughts, memories, or stories from my life. Occasionally, I like to share videos, or I may share music or books. I also like to ask my friends list questions because I'm interested in how they feel, or think about certain things. Oh, and I like to post pictures of my cats.

My god, I've written a novel. When I sat down to write this, I intended to keep it short and sweet Heh.

Nice to meet everyone. If we're struggling to make conversations, you're just not feeling it, or whatever. Feel free to remove me. There are no hard feelings! Sometimes I'm just not a good fit for other people.

Other places you can find me on the internets:

Last fm: Viciousteeth

Tumblr: Heartsarelikegraveyards

Spotify: Backslashthroat

Ask.fm: Thatssocliche

Other things I should probably mention that might be important: I'm an agnostic atheist, and Ralph Nader is my political crush. I hope none of these things are an issue. They shouldn't be, but we live in a world where it could be unfortunately.  I don't discuss politics or religion in my journal, but I'm fine with people who do.

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